Citrix Optimization Pack 1.3 for Microsoft Lync

hdxCitrix has released a new version of the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft® Lync®. This offers clear, crisp high-definition video calls in conjunction with Microsoft Lync 2010 by leveraging the user device for local media processing. The Optimization Pack consists of the HDX RealTime Connector for Lync which connects to the Microsoft Lync 2010 client on XenDesktop or XenApp or VDI-in-a-Box, and the HDX RealTime Media Engine which runs on the user device as a plug-in to the Citrix Receiver. The HDX RealTime Media Engine is available for Windows, Linux and Mac devices. Version 1.3 of the Optimization Pack adds two additional authentication methods, TLS-DSK and Kerberos, plus Microsoft® Outlook/Office integration.

What’s new

  • We’ve added two authentication methods: TLS-DSK and Kerberos.
  • We’ve simplified logon so your users aren’t prompted for credentials as often.
  • We’ve added menu options to Microsoft Outlook and as Smart Tags in other Microsoft Office applications:
    • Start a Call
    • Start a Video Call
    • Select a Number

Fixed issues

  • You can now run the Citrix HDX RealTime Connector with Remote PC Access on a 64-bit machine. [#16345]
  • When you log on, the User Name field is now blank and you no longer see the SIP Address of Record (AOR) populated in that field. [#16219]
  • During logon, you are not prompted for credentials by the Citrix HDX RealTime Connector because Single Sign-On (SSO) is implemented in most cases. [#16198]
  • During logon, the Citrix HDX RealTime Connector implements Single Sign-on when you use the domain-nameuser-name format for User Name in Lync and select Save Password. [#16054]
  • We’ve optimized LyncMonitor.exe in Citrix HDX RealTime Connector to use less CPU, so you can be more flexible with your XenApp deployments. [#15966]
  • When the Citrix RealTime Media Engine is accessing devices on a terminal configured for the Norwegian language, the RealTime Media Engine can now use the devices. [#15751]
  • The Save password functionality has been fixed. [#15712, #150]

For a complete overview of fixed issues and more documentation please read the eDocs section.


You can download this new release at the Citrix downloads section of their website using your My CitrixID. If you don’t have an account please crete one here.

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