Session State Monitor Tool – XenApp/XenDesktop


The Session State Monitor Utility actively monitors remote connections and disconnections in the session for which it’s running. The utility provides the ability to specify custom commands for Disconnect, Reconnect, and Startup. The utility also has the ability to allow the endpoint (client) name to smooth roam in double-hop sessions to the second hop. The utility does this by disconnecting the session from first hop to second hop, updating the appropriate registry key for ‘clientname’, and then reconnecting the disconnected first hop to second hop session.


When using this utility to update the clientname on a Pass-through XenApp session, the full client plugin must be installed on the first hop and the client must have fix 215510 (see note below).

Note: The current 12.0 and 12.1 client endpoint builds detect a pass-through session when running inside a VDA on an ICA connection and disable the disconnect/reconnect options. Private fixes are available and can be obtained by contacting Citrix technical support and reference CPR 215510.

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