Role-Based Security in SCVMM

Beginning with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008, VMM implements role-based security to provide finer control over who can do what within the virtualized environment. This security model supports delegated administration, which was not available in VMM 2007. Self-service user roles replace the self-service policies that were used to administer virtual machine self-service in VMM 2007.

A user role defines a set of operations (grouped in a profile) that can be performed on a selected Continue reading “Role-Based Security in SCVMM”

Windows Server: Proactive Windows Server Maintenance

All too often, server maintenance is an afterthought. It ends up being the steps we take in the wake of a disaster or as part of a reactive troubleshooting effort. By considering maintenance tools and techniques through a proactive lens, however, you can address potential issues before they become problems. You have considerable opportunities to save time, money and, most importantly, headaches. Continue reading “Windows Server: Proactive Windows Server Maintenance”