83-640 exam

I have recently passed the 83-640 exam. I can tell you it’s a bit different from the usual exams. Microsoft has mixed this exam with the usual questions and 2 labs. Each lab contains between 7 and 15 tasks you need to do before you can continue to the nex lab or questions. Very strange but passing the exam is possible. Just have a bit of patience with the connection to the virtual lab. This is a slow link and you need to be slow with your typing in the commands (if neccesary).

I passed the exam after about 90 minutes. I passed with a score of 900 out of a 1000 points.

superadmin page for Windows 2008 & Windows 7

Want to see all the items in you control panel page? Look no further, add a new folder (anywhere on your system) with the followeing name “SuperAdmin.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}“.

When you have created this folder you get access to all of the control panel options of your Windows 2008 server or your Windows 7 client.

Check it out your self…..

Microsoft announces additional patch

Microsoft announces today that they will release a critical patch for the “zero-day” leak. This leak has caused serveral attacks to huge company’s such as Google, Northropp Grumman etc. This patch will be released outside of the usual patch tuesday window.

When the patch is released is still not available. When the patch is release we will post a link to this patch.

In the meantime you can take action by scanning your server of computer by using this patch.

Enable Application Compatibility Database Disable Application Compatibility Database


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