New XDPing tool

Citrix has released a new version of the XDPing tool for XenDesktop.

The XDPing tool is a command-line based application which automates the process of checking for the causes of common configuration issues in a XenDesktop environment. The tool can be used to verify configuration settings on both the XenDesktop Broker and VDA machines, both from the console and remotely.

Depending on how the tool is run, and from where, the following checks and information can be displayed:

  • Information and status of Network Interfaces and Network settings. (Console Only)
  • Performs DNS lookup and reverse lookup on the IP address of the device.
  • Information on Time synchronization and time check for Kerberos Authentication (Console Only)
  • User information for login User (Console Only) Including User details, Authentication type used, Group Membership.
  • Machine information (Console Only) Environment information (Computer Name, operating system version, Domain) Domain membership verification (Membership = Verified, SID:S-X-X-XX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXX [OK])
  • Information on XenDesktop Services (Windows Communication Foundation Endpoints) installed and confirms if each installed service is responsive. (Console Only)
  • Displays information on the Windows Firewall installed on the VDA and checks if the important ports are configured correctly.
  • Queries the local event log to check for known events that are related to XenDekstop.
  • Provides client bandwidth and response time information from the VDA to the client.

New in 2.1.1 release:

  • Fix for crash when running under VDA 5.5 upwards.

You can download this tool from here.

Virtual Desktop Agent unregistered in XenDesktop

While setting up my XenDesktop lab environment I came across the regular errors. One of those errors was that my Windows 7 machine wasn’t registering with the Dedicated Desktop Controller (DDC). I had used a vanilla (clean) install of Windows 7 fully patched and installed in a workgroup. When setting up the catalog in XenDesktop studio I selected the vanilla Windows 7 image. I forgot that the Windows 7 machine was still in a workgroup (and not joined to my domain Embarrassed smile). When I deployed the machines and tried to connect to the VM through the Web Interface I got the following screen:

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