DCPROMO fails with error “Access is denied”

Hi guys,

If you ever encounter the problem that you can’t demote a domain controller in your organization and you get the error that you don’t have the correct credentials to demote your DC then check if this option is enabled on your DC-object in the Active Directory “Protect object from accidental deletion”.

If so, then disable this and try the DCPROMO again.

In this case the DCPROMO is unable to modify and delete the object in the Active Directory because of this option.

Good luck.



Install AD on Windows 8 server

Hi guys,

Unfortunately Microsoft has decided that they scratched the “DCPROMO” command from Windows Server 8 tin install and configure Active Directory.

You now need to install and configure AD through the “Server Manager”. I’ve made an installation guide how to install and configure Active Directory on a Windows 8 Server.

1. DCPROMO¬†“error”¬†message. When you type in “DCPROMO” and try and run it you get this message:

Continue reading “Install AD on Windows 8 server”

unattended mode to install and remove ADDS on Windows Server 2008-based DC

The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe) performs the following tasks:

  • Installs Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on Windows Server 2008-based workgroup servers and member servers
  • Removes AD DS from Windows Server 2008-based domain controllers

You can use this wizard together with an answer file to perform these tasks in unattended mode. Continue reading “unattended mode to install and remove ADDS on Windows Server 2008-based DC”