ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.4 now available

McAfee has released version 4.6.4 of its ePolicy Orchestrator product.

This release includes new fixes, features, and functionality:

  • Multiple resolved issues
  • Improved dashboards
  • MyAverts Threat Advisory dashboard has been replaced with the McAfee Labs dashboard

To download ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.4, go to the McAfee downloads site at: http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.  Be aware that a valid NAI grant number is necessary for download.

For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes in PD24055:

Windows Server 2012 available for download (TechNet plus subscribers)

Today Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server 2012.

Enabling the Modern Datacenter

Microsoft built Windows Server 2012 from the cloud up, applying its experience operating global datacenters that rely on hundreds of thousands of servers to deliver more than 200 cloud services. Windows Server 2012 expands the definition of a server operating system, with significant new advancements in virtualization, storage, networking and automation. Hundreds of new features can help customers achieve a transformational leap in the speed, scale and power of their datacenters and applications. In combination with Windows Azure and System Center, Windows Server 2012 empowers customers to manage and deliver applications and services across private, hosted and public clouds.

For those that are TechNet or MSDN subscribers, Windows Server 2012 is now available for download. If you don’t have a subscription you can download the Windows Server 2012 Trial Evaluation.

This Microsoft Server 2012 website is always a good starting point for overview information. Download the data sheet, downloads and case studies.

If you are looking for more technical info check out the http://technet.microsoft.com/windowsserver tech center.

McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch 2 Removed from Downloads Site

McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch 2 Windows has been temporarily removed from the McAfee Downloads site due to an issue related to Microsoft Security Update KB2718523.

McAfee Engineering is investigating this issue and will post a fixed build as soon as possible.

For more information, see article KB75956:


App Streaming version 6.7 available

Citrix has released today a new version of the App Streaming software.

Here are few specifics:
1.Streaming 64bit applications to 64bit platforms: This is a yet another definitive example of Citrix hearing you and expands our application compatibility
2.Enhanced SDK: For the customers that are using SDK to create profiles/packages for application streaming, we have expanded the APIs to be able to create browser plug-in’s, define rules, sign the packages and also manage services
3.Improved Scalability – In response to the market asks/speaks we have reduced the Single Server Scalability overhead significantly and this means ability to run more XenDesktops with Application Streaming than the previous version of Application Streaming.
For further detailed information on this release, check out the documentation page here.

Please note, we have updated both Citrix Streaming Profiler and Citrix Offline Plugin components. I take this opportunity to remind again that it’s not required to recreate the profiles/packages (though it’s preferred to reap the full benefits of changes in both the components), since we made the Citrix Offline Plug-in work with the previous version of profiles/packages, as always.

Download the Application Streaming profiler 6.7 here (MyCitrix ID required).

Download the Offline Plug-in 6.7 here (MyCitrix ID required)

What’s new with Receiver for Mac 11.6

The benefits this brings to Receiver and CloudGateway users is that now, all of your Windows, Web and SaaS applications are all available to you in one click from Receiver on all your devices. What’s more, if you are also a ShareFile Enterprise customer, all of your documents are available to you and will roam with you as you move between device.

We have added several widely requested capabilities:

  • HDX Real-time Webcam. Use your webcam with hosted web conferencing. One of the most requested features!
  • Dynamic Client Drive Mapping. Connect storage devices without having to manually map them in advance.
  • Multiple languages. Use in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, or Simplified Chinese.

Your documents always available

And new enterprise mobility capabilities with CloudGateway 2:

  • Simplified configuration. Activate Receiver by entering a server address, opening a provisioning file or setup URL, or just your email address.
  • Follow Me Documents. Sync documents across all devices using ShareFile Enterprise. Share and send documents from within Receiver. .

Oh, and by the way, it’s Mountain Lion ready too, meaning its signed for simplified installation with OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.

Download the new Receiver here.

Personal vDisk 5.6.5 release

What’s New in Personal vDisk 5.6.5

Citrix personal vDisk 5.6.5 includes a new registry and file-system architecture for
personal vDisks, which ensures better usability and application compatibility.
In previous releases, the part of a personal vDisk that stores applications, the .vhd file,
was mapped by default to the V: drive. In personal vDisk 5.6.5, the .vhd file no longer
requires a drive letter, so only one drive letter is used. By default, this is still P: and
stores the profile and other user data.
In addition, a new algorithm automatically adjusts the relative sizes of the two parts of
the vDisk (the space for applications and the space on P:) depending on how the vDisk
is used. For example, if a user installs several big applications on the personal vDisk so
space becomes limited, the application space is increased relative to the space on P:.
The overall size of the personal vDisk does not change. You can configure this feature.

For the complete administrator’s guide please click here.

Click here to download the update (requires a valid MyCitrix ID)

Android Receiver 3.1 is now available!

The new Receiver for Android 3.1 can now be downloaded from the www.citrix.com. This new release brings with it the following enhancements:

– Support for CloudGateway 1.x and 2.0

– Encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

– Automatic Receiver redirect to different Access Gateway

– Simplified logon, with option to use email addresses

– Available for Korean OS

– Enhanced Graphics

– Support for Citrix ShareFile (tablets only)

– Improved two-factor authentication

– Support for Embedded WebView and VPN

Online documentation

For Android Receiver 3.1 – click here

Download link

For Android Receiver 3.1 – click here (need mycitrix logon)

Branch repeater 6.1 released to web

Citrix has released today version 6.1 of it’s Branch Repeater software.

The following enhancements are available in this release.

  • Repeater VPX is now supported on Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor running under 64-bit Windows 2008 R2 SP1, in addition to XenServer and VMWare vSphere. The features and specifications of Repeater VPX under Hyper-V are the same as those under the other hypervisors. See chapter 7.
  • The Windows file system (CIFS) and Outlook/Exchange protocol (MAPI) are now supported with NTLM 2 and Kerberos encryption, allowing traffic on Windows domains running with the default security settings to be accelerated. Previously, only NTLM 1 encryption was supported, and NTLM 1 is not enabled by default in Windows domains. These features are available automatically whenever the appliances have joined a Windows domain and have designated a Kerberos delegate user. See section 4.19.
  • The Windows file system (CIFS) and Outlook/Exchange protocol (MAPI) now support encrypted traffic involving multiple domains, such as when the client is a member of example1.com and the server is a member of example2.com, provided that the appliance, the client, and the server are all members of domains that have established mutual trust. This feature is available automatically when the appliance has joined one of the mutually trusting domains. See section 4.19.
  • The Repeater Plug-in is now supported in release 6.1. Previously, it was supported only in release 5.x. New features include enhanced CIFS and MAPI support, matching those of the appliances, when appropriate security credentials are installed on the Plug-in. See chapter 6.
  • To reduce the resources used on routers supporting the appliance in WCCP mode, the WCCP “MASK” option now uses a single-bit mask. The previous multibit mask could reduce performance on routers and smart switches with limited resources. This behavior is automatic. See section 4.13.

The full release notes can be found here.

The Branch Repeater Appliance software release 6.1.0 can be downloaded from the download section at www.citrix.com.

The Branch Repeater VPX for XenServer, VMWare V-Sphere and Hyper-V can be downloaded here.

The Repeater plug-in can be downloaded directly here.

As usual all software listed above can only be downloaded with a valid MyCitrix ID in conjunction with a valid Branch Repeater licence.

Software Release Highlights in 6.1.0

In addition to the bug fixes, this software release includes the following enhancements:

  • Signed SMB2 support with Kerberos (supports NTLMv2)
  • Encrypted MAPI (with multi domain Support
  • Support for WCCP L2 with NSLB on all platforms (SDX and general BR appliances)
  • 6.1 Repeater Acceleration Plug-In
  • WCCP Mask enhancements to support low end routers
  • ShowTechSupport – Diagnostic Data Collections – Some UI enhancements
  • Branch Repeater VPX on Hyper-V
  • Customer Bug Fixes


Citrix Operations Guide – Monitoring

Citrix has released a new operations guide on monitoring.

After a new XenDesktop, XenApp or Provisioning Services environment has been designed and rolled out to production, ongoing monitoring is required. Monitoring the new environment enables administrators to address issues proactively. By having an in-depth understanding of current and expected behavior of the various components, administrators are better equipped to discover an issue before it impacts the user community. Furthermore the data tracked during normal operations can be used for trending and capacity planning.

Citrix recommends implementing a monitoring solution, which covers all aspects of an IT environment and allows aggregating all captured data within a single tool or console. This simplifies correlating events or counters of multiple components and enables administrators to easily get an end to end overview. This can decrease the time required to determine the root cause of an issue significantly.

The remaining sections of this document identify the components, performance counters and events which should be monitored during normal operations. Furthermore basic remediation strategies will be provided. Continue reading “Citrix Operations Guide – Monitoring”

XenApp 6.5 Downloads Reference List

The following MD5 and SHA256 information is provided to assure download completion and accuracy. Verify the MD5 or SHA256(s) before using a downloaded package to install a product, post to a centralized location for broader access, or burning to media. Continue reading “XenApp 6.5 Downloads Reference List”