Citrix XenApp 6.5 Flash 11.3 / 11.4 redirection

I see alot of searches from Google coming to my blog referring to the issues with Flash 11.3 and 11.4 hotfixes released by Citrix [#LA2283] & [#LA2565].

Quick recap of the issues fixed:

  1. With Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 11.3 installed on the endpoint device, Flash content cannot be redirected to be rendered on the client; instead, the content is rendered on the server.To enable this fix in its entirety, you must install both a client hotfix that contains Fix #LA2283, and
    • For XenApp: an HDX Flash hotfix that contains Fix #LA2283
    • For XenDesktop: a Virtual Desktop Agent hotfix that contains Fix #LA2283

    [From OnlinePlug-in_12.3.200][#LA2283] Continue reading “Citrix XenApp 6.5 Flash 11.3 / 11.4 redirection”

Error: vDisk is not available. please check your network PXE boot configuration and restart imaging wizard

One of my own KB articles is published on the knowledgebase. If you have this error then check out if this can solve your problem. If not, check out the end of the post for more troubleshooting tips.

Error: vDisk is not available. Please check your network PXE boot Configuration and restart imaging wizard.

Running the imaging wizard on a Virtual Machine, which is hosted by XenServer and the XenTools are updated or reinstalled.

When trying to update or create a new vDisk and running the Imaging Wizard on a Virtual Machine, you receive this error when the Virtual Machine is restarted and the imaging process should start.

This can happen if the XenTools are upgraded to a new version or are removed and reinstalled after the Provisioning Services Target Device Software is already installed.

When you get this error, you must remove and reinstall the latest Target Device software, which is provided with the version of Provisioning Services you are running.

After the Target Device Software is reinstalled and the Virtual Machine is restarted, you can start the imaging wizard again and after setting all options and restarting the Virtual Machine, the imaging process should start as required. If you still receive the error, refer to the Knowledge Center articles in the More Information section.

More Information
CTX133272 – Error: vDisk is not available. Please check your network PXE boot Configuration and restart imaging wizard.

CTX131582 – Error: "vDisk is not available. Please check your network PXE boot configuration and restart Imaging Wizard." When Using Image Builder or XenConvert

CTX124185 – Provisioning Services Antivirus Best Practices

CTX117374 – Best Practices for Configuring Provisioning Server on a Network

You can read the original KB article here.

ILO error – Remote Console is unavailable. It is already in use by a different client

When you  try to access the ILO Remote Console on some servers you sometimes get the message “Remote Console is unavailable. It is already in use by a different client”. But there is no other client connected to the ILO on that server. How can you “reset” the Remote Console connection (from remote) to access the server through the ILO again?

Solve the problen by simply going to “Administration -> Settings -> Network -> Apply” (no changes to settings and just applying the current configuration)

It disconnect all connections, you may able to connect the remote console now.

Unnamed VM could not initialize

Hi guys,

I just had a “nice” encounter with my Hyper-V server. I rebooted the Hyper-V host and i got on all servers the error “unnamed VM could not initialize”. Now i hear you think “he restored the VM’s” or “he replaced the disk where the VM’s are stored” but nothing is true. I just rebooted it because the server was up and running for 200 days and i found it a good time to restart the server. Continue reading “Unnamed VM could not initialize”

App-V installation issues

Hi guys,

Been busy today with the installation and configuration of the App-V management console and sequencer.

The complete installation guide can be downloaded here.

During the installation i’ve encountered several errors. These errors are explained in the next paragraphs. Continue reading “App-V installation issues”