Install steps Windows 8 Server as VM

Hi guys,

As promised earlier today here’s a post how to install Windows 8 Server in a Virtual Machine. I’ve used the following specs for the VM:

Processor: 1 2,4 GHZ Xeon

Memory:1024 MB

Harddisk: 60GB

Mounted preview server ISO and booted from ISO. Continue reading “Install steps Windows 8 Server as VM”

Active Directory links

Hi guys,

Here are a few links I use for gettings information about Microsoft’s AD and best practices.

Just wanting to share the links with you.

Have fun with them.

Best Practice guide for securing AD installations
Best practice guide for securing AD installations and day to day ops (part 1)
Best practice guide for securing AD installations and day to day ops (part 2)
Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit: Designing and deploying Directory and Security Services
Server 2003 Security Guide
Server 2008 Security Guide
Achieving autonomy and isolation with forest, domains and OU’s
AD Security Technical Implementation guide (non MS)

Microsoft Security Update Guide V2

The Microsoft Security Update Guide is a valuable source of in-depth information and tools that can help you protect your IT infrastructure while creating a safer, more secure computing and Internet environment. We developed this guide to help IT professionals better understand and maximize Microsoft security update release information, processes, communications, and tools.

Hyper-V cloud deployments documents

The Hyper-V Cloud Deployment Guides are a collection of best practices based on a Microsoft Consulting Services framework. They are designed to help you deploy a private cloud solution using Continue reading “Hyper-V cloud deployments documents”