HDX MediaStream hotfix for Citrix XenApp 6.5

New Fixes in This Release

  1. HDX MediaStream Flash redirection does not work for any site when the "Flash URL compatibility list" policy is enabled and a site is added to the list – regardless whether it specified to render on the server, on the client, or to be blocked.

    [From HDXFlash200WX64002][#LA1077]

Fixes from Replaced Hotfixes

  1. At times of heavy logon/logoff activity, one or more of the following can be observed:

    • Applications can exit unexpectedly.
    • During logon attempts, an Error 1030 appears on the endpoint.
    • During logoff attempts, the Virtual Desktop Agent returns to the Logon screen and the endpoint continues to display the Desktop Viewer.

    [From HDXFlash200WX64001][#LA0388]

  2. Accessing certain Web sites with Internet Explorer and HDX MediaStream for Flash enabled can cause the Web page to become unresponsive, displaying only a cyan background.

    [From HDXFlash200WX64001][#LA0645]

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