Citrix CloudPlatform version 3.0.3 is now available

Citrix CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack) version 3.0.3  is now available. This minor release includes advances in Amazon Compatibility, High Availability, XenServer Management, support for Cisco Nexus 1000v and more.

As Citrix CloudPlatform expands its dominant reach as the IaaS cloud orchestration solution of choice in large service provider clouds into enterprise cloud computing, this minor release provides some key features and enhancements to meet those users needs.  Expanding at over 100 net new open source CloudStack clouds per week since Citrix contributed the code to the Apache Software Foundation, CloudStack and the commercial Citrix CloudPlatform are being proven in many enterprise cloud environments from Fortune 500 to Web 2.0 and Education.  Check out the new features in CloudPlatform 3.0.3 and be sure to test drive them by downloading the latest code or contacting Citrix Sales.

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Possibilities of the cloud

Yung Chou explains on in a 6 part blog the posibilities of Cloud Computing.  These blogposts give a good insight in the different parts of a cloud and it’s services.