DPM whitepapers

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Check out these 4 whitepapers about System Center Data Protector Manager.

Planning a DPM 2010 Deployment
Deploying System Center Data Protection Manager 2010
Data Protection Manager 2010 Operations Guide
Data Protection Manager 2010 Troubleshooting Guide

System Center Virtual Machine Manager docs

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Here are some nice documents about System Center Virtual Machine Manager. If you want to use them be my guest.

VMM Ports and Protocols

When you install the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) server, you can assign some of the ports that it will use for communications and file transfers between the VMM components. While it is a best security practice to change the default ports, not all of the ports can be changed through VMM. The default settings for the ports are listed in the following table.  Continue reading “VMM Ports and Protocols”

Required Rights and Permissions for VMM Administrative Tasks

The following table is a reference to the rights and permissions, both within and outside System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), that are required to perform common administrative tasks. Within VMM, role-based security determines the VMM operations that a person can perform and the objects on which the operations can be performed. For more information, see Role-Based Security in VMM. Continue reading “Required Rights and Permissions for VMM Administrative Tasks”

Role-Based Security in SCVMM

Beginning with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008, VMM implements role-based security to provide finer control over who can do what within the virtualized environment. This security model supports delegated administration, which was not available in VMM 2007. Self-service user roles replace the self-service policies that were used to administer virtual machine self-service in VMM 2007.

A user role defines a set of operations (grouped in a profile) that can be performed on a selected Continue reading “Role-Based Security in SCVMM”

Shadow Copy eating up all your diskspace?

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Had a little problem on my server and desktop that VSS was eating up all of my diskspace. If you have this problem just run this command (in Administrator Mode CMD prompt) and you’ll get youre diskspace back. Continue reading “Shadow Copy eating up all your diskspace?”