Advanced Group Policy Management version 4

Hi guys,

Microsoft has released a new version of the AGPM (version 4) recently.
Here’s a video from the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack event last December.

Here are a couple of documents for more information about the AGPM.

Advanced Group Policy Management Overview


For more information about this on the web you can check out these websites:

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App-V installation issues

Hi guys,

Been busy today with the installation and configuration of the App-V management console and sequencer.

The complete installation guide can be downloaded here.

During the installation i’ve encountered several errors. These errors are explained in the next paragraphs. Continue reading “App-V installation issues”

App-V, the best tool in your toolbox

Application virtualization helps to eliminate conflicts between applications, removes the need to install those applications on PCs, enables multiple versions of an application to coexist on the same machine and provides a faster, less intrusive way to deliver and update applications on demand. You can apply application virtualization to your local desktops, your RDS deployments, or your VDI desktops.

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