New technical master class – XenServer 101

Join Lee Bushen & Steve Benton for our latest XenServer 101 Master Class. Go back to basics as well as find out what’s new and what’s coming up soon.
This webinar event provides you the opportunity to learn about the features of XenServer, discover why so many people are upgrading to the premium editions & put your questions to the Xen Masters. Also, don’t miss this opportunity to have your say and “Demand a demo” on Master Class Extra (our bonus section after the main webinar)


– XenServer architecture overview

– What do you get completely for free?

– Why upgrade to a premium edition?

– New features hitting the streets soon.

– Bonus section: Master Class Extra

– Have your say, demand a demo, ask your questions, hear our special guest speakers & win our competition.

Register for this great master class here.

Webinar XenServer ‘Tampa’ edition

Join Lee Bushen and Steve Benton live for another exciting Master Class. This Master Class covers the new features in the beta release of “Project Tampa”. This Master Class lasts over 3 hours and, as always, includes the Master Class “Extra.” During this session, Steve and Lee take questions, review comments, and show XenServer “Demos on Demand.” All of this was live, engaging, interactive, and hopefully very entertaining.

XenServer 6 masterclass

Hi guys,

Ervik has posted this video originally (so credits to him). But I wanted to share this with you (my visitors) as well.

Lee Bushen and Steve Benton of the Master Class webinar series discuss why the time is right for you to stop snowballing virtualisation costs and move to XenServer. Run through the costs of each solution and get a side by side feature comparison. Demos of XenCenter, snapshots, backup, dynamic memory control, workload balancing, HA and Disaster recovery features are all shown in this 1 hour webinar. Continue reading “XenServer 6 masterclass”