Citrix XenClient 4.5 announcement and Tech Preview

At Synergy Citrix has announced the next release of XenClient Enterprise. Version 4.5 will be generally available in December of this year. But for those who can’t wait the Tech Preview is available for download now.

Here’s a little peak off the new features this version will have:

  • Broader hardware compatibility provides for support for the latest 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors including Ultrabooks. The current hardware compatibility list can be found here and will be updated when XenClient 4.5 becomes generally available.
  • XenClient Enterprise is now localized allowing end users around the globe to experience a more engaging and familiar experience when using the product. This release introduces client side support for French, Italian, German Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. The Synchronizer includes support for German and Simplified Chinese.  Citrix has seen tremendous traction with XenClient in international markets and this reaffirms our commitment to delivering capabilities our customers require to expand their use of the solution on a global basis.
  • VLAN tagging support enables administrators to extend the notion of virtual machine isolation by tagging and routing network traffic to specific virtual machines.  VLAN tagging policies are configured on the Synchronizer Continue reading “Citrix XenClient 4.5 announcement and Tech Preview”

Synergy sessions

Hi guys,

On this post I would like to share some great sessions from Citrix Synergy Barcelona 2012. This post will not show every session recorded at Synergy. A complete overview of all sessions you can find here.

I can’t start this post without this great keynote by Mark Templeton. Continue reading “Synergy sessions”

Synergy Barcelona presentations

Hi guys,

During the Synergy event in Barcelona the presentations given by there (and publically published by Citrix) will be collected and posted in this single post for your convenience.

Here’s the list of day 1: Continue reading “Synergy Barcelona presentations”

Citrix Synergy 2012 San Francisco best vids

Here’s a list of the video’s of Citrix Synergy 2012 in San Francisco that I like the most. More videos will follow for sure this week. Watch this post closely the coming week .

What’s new in HDX (Syn121)

Citrix HDX technologies deliver the richest native desktop and application performance for virtual environments. Find out how new HDX capabilities strengthen a virtual infrastructure and address end-user capabilities. They also increase the ways in which an enterprise can use virtualization to meet user needs. Continue reading “Citrix Synergy 2012 San Francisco best vids”

Project Avalon

Mark Templeton announced during Synergy Project Avalon, a platform to deliver desktops and apps as cloud services.  It’s almost universal when we talk to customers that the topic of cloud inevitably comes up. What’s interesting is to look at what cloud means to different customers and the use cases driving their need to build and/or consume cloud services.  As the discussion transitions to how desktops, apps, and data fit into their cloud plans it’s clear that everyone is at a different stage on the journey towards the cloud.  With that in mind I want to share some of the background and use cases driving Project Avalon that customers have shared with me and how this enables enterprise and service providers to adopt and build cloud services at their pace.

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XenClient enterprise

XC-Logo-BlogCitrix has announced, with the acquisition of Virtual Computer, the enterprise version of XenClient. Citrix is excited and eager to incorporate the best features from Virtual Computer’s NxTop client hypervisor with Citrix XenClient. The combined product will be called XenClient Enterprise and will be available by the end of next month.

Below are a couple videos that will give you a quick preview of some of the features in XenClient Enterprise. These videos focus on the mature and scalable server management software, which provide an easy  way to create and deploy virtual desktops, automate backups, remote wipe lost devices, rollout updates, and recover from disasters, all while providing top tier security.

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Citrix acquires Virtual Computer

Today, at Citrix Synergy™, the conference where mobile workstyles and cloud services meet, Citrix announced the acquisition of Virtual Computer, provider of enterprise-scale management solutions for client-side virtualization. Citrix will combine the newly-acquired Virtual Computer technology with its market-leading XenClient® hypervisor to create the new Citrix XenClient Enterprise edition. The new XenClient Enterprise will combine all the power of the XenClient hypervisor with a rich set of management functionality designed to help enterprise customers manage large fleets of corporate laptops across a distributed enterprise. The combined solution will give corporate laptop users the power of virtual desktops “to go”, while making it far more secure and cost-effective for IT to manage thousands of corporate laptops across today’s increasingly mobile enterprise.

Read the entire announcement here.