Citrix and Server 2012 legal notice scrollbar

If you have a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x environment and enabled the legal notice and you are seeing the legal notice being displayed in a window with scrollbars here’s the solution.

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Troubleshooting 1030 error on Windows 7 image


Desktops fail to start with a 1030 error.


In this scenario, when the user clicks on their desktop group, the desktop viewer starts, but then disconnects giving an error 1030:

“The connection to ‘mydesktop’ failed with status 1030”

This issue was not fixed by reinstalling the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software and was not seen with a fresh vanilla OS Image, however the customer required that their organization use the image approved by their security department.


  • Citrix Product: XenDesktop
  • Hosting Infrastructure: VMware 5
  • Citrix Servers: XenDesktop 5.5,VDA 5.5

How to install the XenDesktop 5.6 FP1 VDA software update

When installing the XenDesktop Feature Pack 1 VDA software on a clean virtual machine that has had no previous Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software installed; no option for configuring the VDA software appears during installation, such as controller location and the TCP/IP port. Furthermore, the software appears as ‘Citrix Virtual Desktop Core Services’ under Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) and no option is given to reconfigure the software:

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Virtual Desktop Agent Registration with Controllers in XenDesktop


Virtual Desktop Agent Registration with Controllers in XenDesktop

Event ID: 1022

Event ID: 1001

For successful installation, you must re-install Virtual Desktop 5.5.

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XenDesktop 5.x VDA Registry Based Registration – Best Practices

Registry based VDA Registration

List more than one controller on ListOfDDCs registry key separated by a space to prevent registration issues if a controller is not available.

• Example DDC5.xd.local DDC6.xd.local

o HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SoftwareCitrixVirtualDesktopAgentListOfDDCs

o 64Bit – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware Wow6432CitrixVirtualDesktopAgentListOfDDCs (REG_SZ)

Ensure all values listed under ListOfDDCs map to a valid fully qualified domain name to prevent startup registration delays.

XenDesktop 5.5 and higher supports registration groups by adding parenthesis around each group. This feature addition allows you to create groups of brokers to load balance Virtual Desktop Agent registrations. Once you have defined groups of brokers, registrations attempts are made against Broker 1 in Group 1, then against Broker 2 in Group 1, and so on. If all registration attempts against Group 1 brokers fail, attempts are made against Group 2 brokers, and so on.

• Example (DDC1.local.domain DDC2.local.domain) (DDC3.local.domain DDC4.local.domain)

Note:The VDA (Citrix Desktop Service) will randomly select DDCs from the list (grouped or ungrouped) until a successful connection to a DDC is established.

More Information

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CTX118976 – How to Configure XenDesktop to Function Without an Organizational Unit in Active Directory

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You can read the entire knowledgebase article here.

Virtual Desktop Agent unregistered in XenDesktop

While setting up my XenDesktop lab environment I came across the regular errors. One of those errors was that my Windows 7 machine wasn’t registering with the Dedicated Desktop Controller (DDC). I had used a vanilla (clean) install of Windows 7 fully patched and installed in a workgroup. When setting up the catalog in XenDesktop studio I selected the vanilla Windows 7 image. I forgot that the Windows 7 machine was still in a workgroup (and not joined to my domain Embarrassed smile). When I deployed the machines and tried to connect to the VM through the Web Interface I got the following screen:

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