McAfee VSE8.8 patch 2 and Patch3 differences

The Patch 3 package will contain files for both Patch 2 and Patch 3.

Patch 2 files are intended for operating systems prior to Windows 8 / Server 2012.

Patch 3 files are intended for Windows 8 / Server 2012 only.

When the package is added to an ePO repository for distribution via the deployment task, a detection script ensures only the appropriate files are downloaded for that operating system. Operating systems prior to Windows 8 will download and install the Patch 2 files, and Windows 8 / Server 2012 systems will only download and install the Patch 3 files. Continue reading “McAfee VSE8.8 patch 2 and Patch3 differences”

VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Patch 1, 2, and 3 Hotfix 820636

  • The hotfix and Release Notes are attached to this article.
  • This release was developed for use with:
    • VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Patch 1
    • VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Patch 2
    • VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Patch 3
  • Rating. McAfee recommends this release for all environments. This release is considered a High Priority rating. For information on ratings, see KB51560. Failure to apply a High Priority update may result in potential business impact.
  • This hotfix will be included in VSE 8.8 Patch 4 (release schedule still to be determined). This article will be updated when this is posted to the McAfee Downloads site.
  • In addition to the state of the service, you can leverage two registry values to qualify the state of scanning. If required, contact McAfee Technical Support, to obtain the registry values.

Issue resolved by VSE 8.8 Hotfix 820636

Reference Number Related Article Resolved Issue Description
820636             823110 Issue: Client system properties in ePolicy Orchestrator report that On Access Scanner was running even when certain conditions on client system prevent scanning. Resolution: During system property collection, the VirusScan plugin to the McAfee Agent queries On Access Scanner services and registry to report status with increased accuracy.

For more information and to download the patch click here.