NLA support for Remote Desktop on Windows XP SP3

CredSSP is a new Security Support Provider (SSP) that is available in Windows XP SP3 by using the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI). CredSSP enables a program to use client-side SSP to delegate user credentials from the client computer to the target server. (The target server is accessed by using server-side SSP). Windows XP SP3 involves only the client-side SSP implementation. The client-side SSP implementation is currently being used by Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.1 Terminal Services (TS). Continue reading “NLA support for Remote Desktop on Windows XP SP3”

McAfee DAT update causes windows to crash (UPDATE NEW DAT FILE)

McAfee has caused multiple systems to crash after a DAT update to 5958. It causes to falsly identify svchost.exe as virus W32/Wecorl. McAfee has tackeld this problem and released update 5959 to prevent this from happening. Here’s McAfee’s own statement about this false positive: Continue reading “McAfee DAT update causes windows to crash (UPDATE NEW DAT FILE)”

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you use Microsoft security essentials at home you can use it for free. Downloads are available for Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit 64 bit). Click here for downloads.

Even for the Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 this software is compatible and useable.

Have fun.