Citrix releases @Work apps for IOS

Citrix has released 2 @work applications for Apple IOS on January 18th 2013. These 2 applications (@WorkMail and @WorkWeb) are a part of the larger Me@Work application suite that was announced at Synergy Barcelona.

@WorkMail targets the following goals:

Build a beautiful and delightful user experience – On mobile devices, users have high expectations of user experience. Enterprise users are the same mainstream customers who have soaked up consumer app user experiences – they expect the same polish and delight in enterprise apps (whether they articulate this or not is a different matter). We have taken this expectation quite seriously and worked hard in creating an integrated design for Mail, Calendar and Contacts.

Work well with Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync – Exchange is the big boy of enterprise messaging and is the definitely the thought leader. Exchange pretty much dominates the enterprise email and with their Office 365 offering they might dominate the SMB segment as well. We have ensured that Exchange and ActiveSync push messaging protocol works well with our app. Continue reading “Citrix releases @Work apps for IOS”