Creation of UPS Printer Fails With Error “Client printer auto-creation failed”

Creation of printers configured in Universal Print Server (UPS) policy fails when user logs on.


When a user is member of a large number of security groups in Active Directory it can cause to fail to create printers configured using a Universal Print Server policy.

Possible error messages

  • In the event viewer this message appears on the server/desktop where the user is logging on to: “Client printer auto-creation failed. The driver could not be installed. Possible reasons for the failure: The driver is not in the list of drivers on the server. The driver cannot be located. The driver has not been mapped. Client name: () Printer: (\printserverprintername) Printer driver: ()”
  • Printers are not created on the user’s session.
  • The printer is created but the printer has the status “not configured”.

In all cases the user is unable to print to the printer and unable to connect to the UPS printer.

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