Citrix XenServer Multiple Security Updates

A number of security vulnerabilities have been identified in Citrix XenServer. These vulnerabilities affect all currently supported versions of Citrix XenServer up to and including version 6.0.2.

The following denial of service and guest-to-host privilege escalation vulnerabilities have been addressed:

• hypercall physdev_get_free_pirq vulnerability (CVE-2012-3495)

• PHYSDEVOP_map_pirq index vulnerability (CVE-2012-3498)

• Qemu VT100 emulation vulnerability (CVE-2012-3515)

• Grant table entry swaps have inadequate bounds checking (CVE-2012-3516)

• HVM guest user mode MMIO emulation DoS vulnerability (CVE-2012-3432)

• HVM guest destroy p2m teardown host DoS vulnerability (CVE-2012-3433)

• hypercall set_debugreg vulnerability (CVE-2012-3494)

• XENMEM_populate_physmap DoS vulnerability (CVE-2012-3496)

• PV guest console vulnerability (CVE-2012-4606) Continue reading “Citrix XenServer Multiple Security Updates”